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What will you learn?
☑️ What are the two most common forms of employment in the Polish IT market?
☑️ How can you set up a software development team in Poland?
☑️ How can you set up a tech team immediately, without registering a company in Poland?
☑️ What are most important formalities involved in setting up a business in Poland?
Forms of employment in the Polish IT market
Formalities during setting up a business in Poland
This e-book  consists of 4 parts:
Opening a company in Poland versus hiring a remote team
Summary and
extra tips from Humeo
What is the goal of this e-book?
Opening a software development center or an IT hub in Poland can be a challenging task, especially if you are not familiar with the realities of the local market, the expectations of IT specialists, and the business and legal environment. After all,  in-depth, expert articles about this problem based on first-hand experience are few and hard to find. 
At Humeo Recruitment Geeks, we have focused for years on the continuous education of the entire recruitment community as well as our business partners and clients. Of course, outsourcing IT services is all about hiring the right professionals. But the formalities involved in setting up a software development center or hiring an IT team in Poland are no less important. In this e-book, we will guide you step by step through the most important of these formalities.
About the author
Jakub Udziela - IT Recruitment Marketing Specialist. 
He creates content (articles, case studies, webinars, e-books) addressed to HR and IT Specialists for one of the most recognizable IT recruitment agencies in Poland – Humeo Recruitment Geeks.
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